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Following Jesus For 75 Years



2017 marked the 75th Anniversary of St. Matthew’s.  As part of our celebration we brought back some familiar faces to preach throughout the year. 

Our first guest speaker was the last vicar who served St. Matthew’s, Daniel Babinec, who now serves as pastor of Zum Kripplein Christi Lutheran Church, in Iron Ridge, Wisconsin, and St. John’s Lutheran Church in Woodlawn, Wisconsin.

 Our second celebration Sunday was February 19, 2017, when the Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary Choir lead our services in song and word. What a glorious celebration that was!

Our celebration continued on Sunday, March 19, when Pastor Jordan Ertl (former vicar) lead us in worship. Our guest organist was Faith Gnewuch. It was so special to see these workers again!

Our celebration continued with a very special service, April 23, when Pastor Phillip Sievert (son of former Pastor Sievert, now retired) led us in worship, and Matt Proeber, son of Kevin and Jill Proeber, student at the Seminary, led us in our liturgy.  Our own head organist, Meredith Moeller,  graced us with her talent on the organ. There was a special musical presentation with instruments and song performed by our own members, and a special hymn written by choir director Jack Schroeder's grandson Alex, son of John and Carrie Schroeder.  This piece was entitled 
Here I Stand.

Our fifth celebration Sunday was September 24th when the son of St. Matthew's members, Tom and Karin Timmermann, Nathaniel Timmermann led us with one word,
Pastor Timmermannn serves currently at Peace Lutheran in Otsego, Michigan. Our organist was St. Matthew's member Lois Gustaveson.

Our sixth celebration Sunday was October 15th.  Former vicar Joel Voss, now Pastor of St. Paul's Lutheran in Platteville, WI, and Faith in Lancaster, WI.  Joel was vicar from 2010 - 2011. 
Follow Jesus Who Changes You 
was the focus of his message.  Our organist was St. Matthew's member Lois Gustaveson.

Our seventh celebration Sunday was November 19th.  Former vicar Matthew Holtz who served here from 1999 - 2000 brought us the message,
We follow Jesus...because He endures forever
Pastor Holtz serves at Shepherd of The Hills in Greeley, Colorado.
Mrs. Laurie Schmidt served as our guest organist.  She was our 1st and 2nd grade teacher from
1999 - 2011. 
We were very happy to have both of these guests help us celebrate another 75 Years of service. 

Our final special anniversary service was held Sunday, December 17, 2017, when our
guest speaker was President Paul Wendland, Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary. President Wendland is the son of Ernst Wendland who served St. Matthew's from 1946 - 1948.  He brought the message, 
We Remember...And We Hope!
Mr. Wayne Wagner, who serves as an adjunct organ instructor at Martin Luther College in New Ulm, MN., served as guest organist.
Our sincere thanks to both of these special guests.