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Meredith Moeller was born on December 27th in Chicago, Illinois. Her parents moved to Watertown, Wisconsin where she grew up. She went to grade school at Trinity-St. Luke’s in Watertown where both of her parents were teachers. She graduated from Luther Preparatory school in 2004 and from Martin Luther College in 2008. She was assigned to St. Matthew’s upon graduation. In her years here she has taught 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades (currently she teaches 3rd and 4th), accompanies the Senior Choir, directs the Junior Choir, is Head Organist, coordinates the school library program, organizes the school Book Fair in September,                                                        and coaches the B Girls basketball team.

In her free time, Miss Moeller enjoys playing with her frisky cat, reading, attempting to cook (although she is rarely successful), binge watching TV shows on Netflix, and taking naps.



Memory Work Schedule 2020-2021