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St. Matthew’s has established, built, and still maintains the Christian Day School for the following reasons:
1.To obey the command of Jesus: “Feed My lambs.” This is done by giving our children a thorough instruction in the saving truths of God’s Word for their lives.
2.To prepare our children for their lives here on earth, but primarily to direct their eyes to the life with their Savior in heaven. They are taught the Bible, Catechism and Hymnology, and all secular subjects in the light of the Word of God.
3.To entrust the training of our children to qualified Christian teachers. All education directs a way of life. Here we may be certain that it is a way of life pleasing to our Lord. Our Christian Day School assists parents in the Christian upbringing of their children, but does not take away the responsibility.
4.To combat the constant attacks made on our faith every day. We desire our children to be well-prepared and fortified, that they may, with the Word of God, overcome the devil, the world, and their own sinful flesh.
5.To encourage mission activity by providing the children with an opportunity to offer their prayers and gifts for all the children of the world, especially those who do not yet know Jesus as their Savior.