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Ways to Help our School

Please read through the various programs that help our school each year as some of them have changed.

  1. Schnucks - E-script Program

Stop in at Schnucks and pick up a My Schnucks Card. Register your card online at escrip.com/schnucks or by calling 1-800-931-6258. Show your card each time you check out or type in your phone number. Once you become a member of the eScrip program and have our Schnucks Reward app, you will be able to select if you would like to earn Points or donate to your charity. In the app, you will be prompted to choose to either a) earn Points or b) donate to your charity of choice. If you are not prompted, you can find that option in the “more” tab of the Schnucks Rewards app
 2. Box Tops Program Goes Digital
              We want to thank you for participating in the box tops program in the past! The Box Tops program is now completely digital. The old box top logo is no longer being printed on the package of items. So there will be nothing to snip off the package and send in to school. You will see a new logo on packages reminding you of the brands which will still earn cash back. To participate, first go to the app store on your phone and download the box tops for education app. Next, buy products that contain the new box tops logo. Finally, use the app and scan the receipt. The proceeds are sent directly to our St. Matthew’s Lutheran School account. When you sign up, you will receive a quick tour of how the new process takes place. It is easier to use than you might imagine so please don’t discount the program because of the change - give it a try. It is a great way to help our school! And if you need help or have questions, please contact our coordinator, Jill Proeber.
3.Sentry- (West Side)
Send receipts in to school and we return them to the store for 1% for the total.
4. Amazon Smile
We can get a percentage back for purchases made on amazon with Amazon Smile. -Go to smile.amazon.com or open the app on your phone. -In the main menu - go to programs and features and tap on Amazon Smile. -Type in St. Matthew’s Evangelical Church into the “who do you want to support” box. -Start shopping!
WHAT IS SCRIP? SCRIP is the general name given to gift cards issued by local and national businesses. SCRIP can be thought of as substitute money. HOW DOES SCRIP WORK? St. Matthew’s purchases gift cards (SCRIP) from various companies at face value. Then, these companies give St. Matthew’s a rebate. This rebate will be used to support non-budgeted Church and School items. It’s a great way to get money for the church and school buying items you were planning on getting anyway from a store you already shop at!
Many gift cards are available for you to receive immediately. The schedule for purchasing and pick up will be on Sundays (after 1st service before 2nd service)
Lori Sage also has Scrip available when she is in the office during school hours. On hand gift cards vary from time to time and may be requested. Please talk to Cathy Sonntag. Payment must accompany your order and can be cash or check. Please make checks payable to St. Matthew’s. The SCRIP program at St. Matthew’s is run entirely by volunteers. If you would like to help with this program for our church and school, or have any questions about it, please call Cathy Sonntag at 608-754- 3994. The EXTENDED SCRIP PROGRAM will be available for order in October for upcoming Christmas shopping and gifts. This program will include an entire list of businesses. The rebate percentage varies from each business. The certificates and gift cards are good throughout the USA.
Watch for details about this program in October. Thank you for helping us out by participating in any of these programs.