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Athletic Program Guidelines


Our athletic programs can and do teach children skills and knowledge which can be used throughout life. They can, therefore, be seen in the realm of one of our school’s purposes: to prepare children to live an earthly life that glorifies God and serves their fellow people. Our Lord tells us that all things should be done decently and in order. With these thoughts in mind, we find it necessary to accompany our athletic program with the following guidelines:

A. All participants and spectators at St. Matthew’s sports and cheerleading programs shall be expected to:
     1. Conduct themselves as Christians
     2. Show good sportsmanship at all games and activities
     3. Demonstrate their Christianity in their actions and attitudes toward one another, their coaches, the officials, and the other teams’ members.

B. All participants shall be expected to use grooming habits that reflect a neat and healthy appearance.

C. All students participating in winter sports will dress up the day of the game. This means no jeans or sweats will be allowed.

D. All participants shall demonstrate enthusiasm, team spirit, and support.

E. All participants shall make every effort to attend all practices and games and give notice if unable to do so.  A participant will be dismissed from the team after two unexcused absences from practice or games.

F. All matters of concern (musical selection, cheers, practices, etc.) should be referred to the coaches and brought to the attention of the principal and athletic director.

A.If persistent negligence to abide by these guidelines is shown, the individual will no longer be able to participate in that program for the remainder of the school season.

B.If it is determined that participation in any program hinders academic progress, the individual will no longer be able to participate in the program for the remainder of the school season.

C.A student may also be removed from the team for the balance of the quarter as determined by the Homework Policy.

Any players not staying after school for an early athletic event are expected to be picked up by the parents unless other arrangements have been made with the coach ahead of time.


A fall meeting will be held for all parents and students who plan to participate in any athletic activity during the school year.  The athletic director will be in charge of this meeting where he will present the Student Athletic Code.  This meeting is usually held in late August.