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Internet Use Policy

St. Matthews Evangelical Lutheran School

Internet Use Policy/Photo Posting/Video Posting Consent Form 2023-2024 (click to download form)


Dear Parent/Guardian:
The use of the Internet for research and the gathering of information has become commonplace, and its use at St. Matthews is no exception.  Unfortunately, as a consequence of living in a sinful world, there are websites that contain immoral and inappropriate content.  Because of the good, useful information available, we do not want to wholly restrict Internet usage simply because the immoral content exists.
The use of the Internet/Computer Lab at St. Matthews is a privilege that carries with it the expectation that it will be used responsibly.  Any misuse of these resources (visiting inappropriate websites, posting or viewing inappropriate content, etc.) will result in the student losing their Internet/Computer Lab privileges until such time as their Instructor/Principal reinstates them.  Repeated misuse may also result in further disciplinary action.
Facebook Page/Website:
Also, St. Matthews Evangelical Lutheran School has its own web site and Facebook page on the Internet.
The address for the web site is: http://www.stmatthewsjanesville.org.
The address for the Facebook page is: https://www.facebook.com/stmatthewsjanesville
The main purpose of these webpages is to improve communication between our school, our parents, and the community. There may be times when we would like to upload pictures with your child or share class work that your student has done on the Internet.  We require written parent permission before a student’s picture or class work can be posted on the Internet.
Facebook Tagging:
In addition to posting student and project photos, the Facebook site employs a technology referred to as “Tagging”.  This allows pictures or posts to have captioned links added; links that lead to that parent’s individual Facebook page.  Although the Administrator of St. Matthew’s Facebook page has the option of tagging photos or posts created by them, they do not have control over photos and posts that may be added by other individuals (e.g., a parent that takes a photo while on a field trip and posts and tags that photo).  
This permission will remain in effect until otherwise notified in writing by parent/guardian.  Please complete the following information in ink and return to your student’s teacher.
Student(s) Full Name:







I give permission to (please initial): (leave any line blank to withhold permission)
______(initial here) allow my child(ren) access to the Internet for school related research/activities
______(initial here) post images in which my child(ren) appear(s)
______(initial here) “tag” pieces of schoolwork (paintings, etc.) created by my child(ren)
______(initial here) post my child's first name only on a list of awards/recognitions, etc.
I, the undersigned, am parent and/or legal guardian of the student noted on this document, and hereby fully release and discharge St. Matthews Evangelical Lutheran School, its officers, employees, agents, servants, and volunteers from any and all liability arising out of in connection with the above described independent activity and all liabilities associated with any and all claims related to such activity that may be filed on behalf of or for the above-named minor. For the purposes of this release, ‘liability’ means all claims, demands, losses, causes of action, suits or judgments of any and every kind that arise as a result of the above described activity and resulting from any cause other than the district’s gross negligence.
Signature of Student
(Agreeing to Internet Privilege Policy)___________________________ Date __________
Signature of Parent/Guardian_________________________________ Date __________
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