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Fees and Tuition 2022-2023

Fees and Tuition 2022-2023


St. Matthew’s charges $4,300 per student in grades K-8 for those who are not (non-WELS) members of our congregation and who desire to send their children to our school.
Children from other WELS congregations will be charged $3,300 for their children.
Tuition for all students of St. Matthew's members is $1,300.00.
Members of St. Matthew’s are expected to support the school with their regular church offerings.
St. Matthew’s reserves the right to terminate the enrollment of tuition students in the following school year should the involved classroom be filled to capacity with St. Matthew’s children.
We will make every effort within our means to accommodate your student should such a condition arise, and will give advance warning when possible that such a condition exists.